By: Tina Machi, HCE Member

A large portion of an IT leader’s time is typically spent on driving, leading, managing, or supporting projects. It does not matter whether we are in Business Engagement, Application Development, Infrastructure, Security or Operations, etc., we have our hands on the clay. While we may have high success rates, some projects do fail.  According to Project Management Institute, projects fail due to lack of attention and/or efforts to several performance factors:

  1. Business Value
  2. Clear accountability
  3. Consistent process
  4. Consistent project methodologies
  5. Customer Engagement
  6. People
  7. Tools & techniques

I would like to share strategies to:

  1. Optimize a Project Management Office (PMO) to improve project success, increase speed-to-market, and help gain market share.
  2. Leverage a PMO to achieve operational excellence.

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